Safe Nebulization

Safe Nebulization in the current era

A lot has been spoken about aerosol generating procedures like nebulization and whether it can be a source of viral droplet infection. Despite the controversy, the principles of Good Nebulization Practice haven’t changed much, but on the other hand, it’s importance and relevance in the current scenario has only grown manifold.

Sharing of nebulization accessories like facemask and mouthpiece is an unhygienic practice with a high-risk potential of spreading infection. Using your own personal mask or mouthpiece reduces this risk of infection. Therefore, we call on every healthcare professional to propagate judicious use of nebulization therapy through adherence to Good Nebulization Practice at every step of treatment. We strongly believe that when it really comes to Caring for Life, we should maintain:

Under this campaign, every doctor, paramedic, patient and caregiver must adopt and propagate four key behaviours while nebulizing:

Safety First: Wear appropriate gear during nebulization

Refuse to Reuse: Encourage single-use nebulization

Mind the Gap: Maintain distance of at least 6 feet while nebulizing

Sanitize to Nebulize: Sanitize nebulization area with a hospital grade disinfectant

Click on the link to find out more on safe nebulization practice recommendations for in-clinic nebulization, home nebulization and ICU nebulization.

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